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We have photographed over 230 weddings, and taken more than one million photos in over 12 years. Every wedding we document has a moment that sticks with us. It may be the photo we took, a speech we heard, a song played, hug we witnessed, or a meal shared. A photo from your wedding may actually just trigger our own memory of something totally different, which makes us love it more. We become attached to each one in a different way and often use our couple's weddings as markers of time in our own life together.  

There is always at least one photo that stays with us from every wedding. A photo that made us gasp with beauty or made us laugh out loud. Our Books are the combinations of emotions felt throughout the day. They are our favorites from weddings that we lived and are proud of. From the authentic Artful Anticipation of Book One to the Cherished Classics of Book Two and our overwhelming favorites of Book Three's blissful Joyful Celebration.

There is an emotional connection to so many photos, which we hope to be your feelings as well! We want to deliver as many memories as we can filled with art and story telling. Capturing you experiencing all the timeless moments, all the happy accidents, all the raw emotion, the romance, and celebrating the ambiance of your wedding day.

Some photos are more perfect than others, some more creative, some to make you lol, and others to bring simple joy. A mix of nostalgia for you to love and share forever. 

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Book Three: joyful celebration

Those moments and memories that end the day. The part of the wedding that most of your planning went into. The Party. The celebration of your future together. These are the moments when everyone lets go, enjoying the beautiful florals, the delicious food, the joining of two families. It's about the excited greetings, the laughing through speeches, to wild dancing.  The end of the day when your guests experience your vision and share in your excitement. It all comes to a climax with fully candid, blissfully authentic but stunning captures filled with emotions and pure joyful celebration.
-This is our book three. 

thank you

"Bobby and I went through all the photos together on a larger screen on Sunday and then I went through them all again today on my own. One of the things that was most important to me in terms of the wedding was too have good wedding photos. That being said, I honestly never imagined that we would have photos as good as the ones you and Erin gave us. You have completed exceeded my expectations (and hopes!) We will always cherish your work, and I hope you know how much the photos means to us! It's also very special to me to have good photos of my family members, and you captured so many moments!" 

"I basically don't want to work and just want to stare at wedding photos :) You and Erin are seriously the best!"

Carissa & Bobby

Erin and Courtney are an absolute joy to work with, and TLDR; we want to be friends with them and can't wait to have a reason to work with them again soon. They have a true talent for creating beautiful photos not only composition-wise, but content-wise. Seamlessly blending candid and posed photographs - we were overjoyed with our photographs and albums.
Their photographic composition is really unique and unparalleled. We had browsed the portfolios of several Bay Area photographers, from San Francisco to Santa Rosa, from Petaluma to Sonoma/Napa...Erin and Courtney's portfolio stood out immediately, so it was quite a quick decision for us.
Preceding our wedding day, we facetimed with them, emailed, etc. They took the time to check out our wedding venue a couple of times to scout photo locations and get a sense for the lighting. They were incredibly responsive as we narrowed down our shot list, which was slightly more complicated, plus they were very patient and gave us good advice as we went through that exercise.
Then, we got to meet them in person.
Both Erin and Courtney have a familiar and personable vibe, which really helped to ease my fears of having "awkward" pictures. It was really amazing to see how much they added to our wedding day (we really liked hanging out with them!). In addition, it was equally amazing to see how fluid and almost invisible (in a good way!!) they were during the ceremony, dinner, and the party.
I highly recommend Erin and Courtney. And as I said before, I can't wait until our paths cross again.

"They have a true talent for creating beautiful photos not only composition-wise, but content-wise. Seamlessly blending candid and posed photographs."

Maggie & Clayton

Guys!!!! We love. Honestly -- we love so, so much. So thankful that I found out about you both so many years ago and even more thankful you were able to be there for our wedding!! Thank you so much for making our wedding experience so perfect and for capturing these special moments in such a beautiful way.
Can't wait to call you guys again as our family grows and we need your beautiful work and perspective :) We love you!
Your biggest fans - Ali and Darren

"Wow. What an amazing gift!"

Ali & Darren

OMG OMG OMG.!!!!!!!!
That is our first response when we saw the gallery. THANK YOU, Erin and Courtney, for such beautiful, heart melting photos!
We can't stop looking at them - we're so incredibly satisfied and happy with how our photos turned out.
We teared up when scrolling through - you both captured wonderful moments that we weren't able to see the day of our wedding.
You guys are AMAZING and we can't wait to share our photos and recommend you to everyone we know!

"OMG OMG OMG.!!!!!!!!"

Soo & Micheal

I just wanted to thank you two so much for our wedding photos. We got married a little over two and a half years ago now, and I lost my father this past weekend. Going back through the photos of our wedding has given us so many happy memories to come back to, and so many wonderful pictures we can share with friends and family. My mom keeps telling me she's never seen my dad have so much fun, and it means the world to us to have some pictures of him from that weekend. Thank you again for all the memories.

"the photos of our wedding has given us so many happy memories to come back to..."

Kristina & Brad


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